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bulgaria flagPopulation: 7m
Language: Bulgarian
Capital: Sofia
Weather: Temperate-continental climate with hot Summers and cold winters especially in mountainous areas. Pleasant warm climate on the Black Sea Coast.
Currency Information About Bulgaria: Lev
Visa Requirements: See Project Visa Bulgaria
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Visiting Bulgaria

Bulgaria, once one of Europe’s poorest regions, has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, and as such is steadily growing in popularity as a tourist destination.

A unique musical heritage, ancient religious architecture, and a burgeoning winter sport industry combine to make Bulgaria an excellent choice for the discerning tourist. This Travel Planner Bulgaria provides the basic information about Bulgaria for your visit.

Business Travel to Bulgaria

Many people in Western Europe have invested in property and businesses in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is a member of the EU although it has not yet adopted the Euro Currency. It shared the economic boom until the “crash” in 2008 when, like many other economies, output declined and austerity measures had to be enacted.

Tourism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has become a huge tourist destination. Tourism is a significant sector in the Bulgarian economy. As well as the many historical buildings and sites, Bulgaria has numerous resorts and beaches on the Black Sea. These have been destinations for east European tourists for many years but West Europeans have increasingly been visiting in recent years.
It is often seen as a less expensive option than the usual destinations.
Many Europeans have purchased apartments in the resort areas either for their own use or as an investment.
Golden Sands and Sunny Beach are among the favourite Summer resorts and Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets are Winter resorts favoured by skiers.

Art and Architecture

Bulgaria has lots of interesting buildings and heritage sites.
The Nicopolis ad Istrum and the Plovdiv Roman Theatre are ancient Roman sites well worth visiting.
There are numerous old monasteries and churches of great interest and beauty including Rila Monastery, Bachkovo Monastery, Saint Sofia Church and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
The National Art Gallery, Sofia houses over 50,000 pieces of art including works of Bulgarian and international artists.

Cities of Bulgaria
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Our top 5 Places to Visit in Bulgaria

  1. Veliko Tarnovo
  2. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
  3. Rila Monastery
  4. Pirin National Park
  5. Belogradchik Rocks


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