Some Fascinating Attractions In Montreal

Montreal Biodome
Penguin Exhibit at Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of the city, is home to 4800 creatures representing 230 species. There are also 750 species of plants. Here, the visitor is guided on a tour of four completely different ecosystems; start your journey in the Tropical Rainforest, continue on to the Laurentian Maple Forest, before entering the Gulf of St. Lawrence and finally the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Along the way you will marvel at the different mammals, birds, fish and plants that live in these diverse habitats. This is one of the most popular Montreal Attractions.

Montreal Biosphere

The Montreal Biosphere is an environmental museum located at Parc Jean-Drapeau. It is situated in the former host building of Expo 67. It informs, educates and creates awareness on the importance of clean air and water, how human activities are influencing climate change, how we can all make small changes in our lives to halt this destructive pattern and environmentally responsible commerce. It does this through both temporary and permanent displays, events and workshops that encourage learning through fun. Guided tours for groups are recommended for this , one of the busiest Montreal Attractions.

Montreal Attractions BNP Tower
BNP Tower Montreal

The BNP Tower and Laurentian Bank Tower, in Downtown Montréal, together create a striking contemporary campus. Surrounded by tinted blue glass, it takes on a beauty all of its own when the sun shines. The highlight of this campus is a unique sculpture, created by Raymond Mason in 1985, entitled The Illuminated Crowd. This sculpture consists of 65 people – 66 if one includes the viewer. A plaque beside the sculpture provides some perspective on the messages that the artist intends us to receive when we look at it. These range from happiness, to honesty, to humour, to curiosity, to despair and sadness, with just about everything else in between. Each day The Illuminated Crowd attracts a number of visitors, both local and international, who come to see what messages they will take away from the sculpture. Everyone tends to see it in their own way; there is no right or wrong interpretation of what one is looking at. Each figure has a different look on their face; it is up to the individual to decide what each is feeling.

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Canadian Centre for Architecture
Canadian Centre for Architecture

The Canadian Centre for Architecture, in Downtown Montréal, carries out research and hosts exhibitions on topics such as sculpture, architectural history and the history of Montréal itself. The CCA also screens movies, as well as hosting seminars and workshops. Guided tours of the sculpture garden and the award-winning building itself, which encompasses the Shaughnessy House, are available. The Shaughnessy House is one of the very few Montréal houses dating from the 1800s in which visitors are welcome.

The Canadian Guild of Crafts Gallery, in Downtown Montréal, houses what is definitely one of Canada’s most significant compilations of Inuit art. Inuit peoples live throughout the Arctic regions of the world, including Canada. The Gallery is also home to an excellent range of tapestries, ceramics, metal, sculptures, blown glass, wood, handmade jewellery and prints created by the Inuit and several of the 630 Canadian Aboriginal tribes. Throughout the year the Gallery hosts temporary exhibitions of works by contemporary native artists.