Food And Drink Of Croatia

12th June 2012

Croatian continental dishes generally have early proto-Slavic origins. In more recent times, as Croatia has developed closer ties  with countries which have very specific style of cooking, such as Hungary, Austria and Turkey, dishes using [Read More..]

Five Top Places To Visit In Zagreb

15th April 2012

If you’re wondering what to see in Zagreb, here are five places well worth visiting. There are numerous attractions in Zagreb Croatia and these are just a few. Ban Jelacic Square is Zagreb’s main square, [Read More..]

Culture, History And Food In Croatia

30th March 2012

Kvarner is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Croatia, as this is where you will find the awe-inspiring Absytrus Islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj. Absytrus was the brother of Medea. The islands [Read More..]

Information About Croatia

17th June 2010

Croatia has been a European tourist destination for many centuries, first and foremost thanks to it’s vast and beautiful coastline. It boasts seven World Heritage sites, including the old city of Dubrovnik and the Plitvice [Read More..]

Information About Dubrovnik

17th June 2010

Among Croatia’s premier tourist destinations, the old city of Dubrovnik is a World Heritage site in its own right. The distinctive red-tiles roofs and remaining Renaissance buildings, nestled by the harbour, create a distinctive and [Read More..]

Information About Zagreb

17th June 2010

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, and attracts over half a million tourists each year, both in its own right as a modern and lively cultural centre, and as the gateway to the beaches [Read More..]