Why Sopron Hungary Is An Ideal Holiday Destination

If you are bored of visiting the same holiday destination every year and are looking for something different and interesting then you may wish to consider Sopron Hungary. It is an ancient city with a history dating all the way back to the time of the Roman Empire. Its architecture, surrounding landscape, tourist destinations, and history all make it a versatile place to travel to.

Hungary has become a popular tourist destination for those seeking a different type of holiday experience. It has a stunning rugged landscape. It is a mixture of mountains, lakes, sprawling meadows and flourishing vineyards. It is perhaps most famous for its heated volcanic pools which form natural thermal spas and bubbling lakes. It also has a vibrant city scene and night life.

Sopron, in the west of the country, is ideal if you are looking for a relaxing and cultured get away. The medieval town centre, churches, museum, theatres, and surrounding natural landscape make it ideal for nature lovers and city dwellers alike.

Popular tourist destinations in the city are the Firewatch tower, ancient roman walls, 23 permanent exhibitions, Saint Ursula’s church, the concert hall, and the Sopron Gates of Faith. The city also hosts a series of festivals throughout the year and has a wide range of boutique shops. In Balf, just outside the city, there is a relaxing roman thermal spa. Its high sulphide content is thought to be curative for rheumatic disease.

The city is steeped in history. It was originally a city in the Roman Empire whose forum was in the same place as the town centre is now. It grew in importance between the 9th and 16th Century as a castle was built and the ancient roman walls were strengthened. In 1676 a fire engulfed the city and much of the modern buildings represent the baroque architecture that was built to replace it. The Firewatch tower was built in memory of this.

The architecture in the town is richly decorated which reflects its prosperous history. Anyone with an interest in architecture will be intrigued by the mixture of roman, medieval, renaissance and baroque structures. This type of historic architecture is rare to find in the previously war torn country.

The City lies between the Sopron Mountains and the Ferto-Hansag national park. This makes it one of the most popular holiday resorts in Hungary. The park is home to some of the world’s rarest plants, birds, and butterflies. The mountains have many different routes for both amateurs and athletes. It is great for walkers, hikers, bikers, and anyone wishing to get back to nature. The city is just near the border with Austria. It is only an hour’s drive to Vienna, Austria’s beautiful capital City, which makes a perfect day trip out.

Visit Sopron Hungary if you want a holiday to remember, there are countless things to see, to do and to experience. Explore the city, it surroundings, stay in one on its many four star hotels, and taste Kekfrankos, their famous wine. There is something to do for everyone in Sopron.