The Cultural City Of Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherlands is located in the North West of the country, in a province called North Holland. It is a city crammed full of incredible architecture and museums displaying the work of the great masters. In contrast, you will find it difficult to find a European capital city that has such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The airport that serves Amsterdam is a major European hub. There is a direct train line from inside the airport to the city center, and this station also links to all the major cities within Europe. As you step from the station you will see the trams, metro and buses that make up an efficient local transport system. It is possible to buy tickets that are accepted on them all, for durations ranging between an hour and a month.

Whatever budget you are on, you are certain to find accommodation to suit. As well as having hotels from all of the major chains, there are some high-quality medium-sized family run hotels available. The further you get away from the center, the lower the prices will be. Even so, you will still be in easy reach of the center by public transport. If you are on a backpacking holiday there are a few hostels right in the center that will suit your budget.

There are restaurants available that cater for most needs. Indonesian food is extremely popular in the Netherlands, and a good way to sample it is by having a rijsttafel, which is a selection of most the dishes available. Pancakes are also a particular favorite of the Dutch, and they can come with a multitude of different fillings, some of which will astonish you.

Two landmark buildings you should not miss if you are interested in architecture are the Royal Palace and the Oude Kerk. Both can be found in Dam Square, right in the heart of the city. The most popular museums are the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and they are very close to each other on Museumplein. However, there are also other museums such as the Jewish Museum, and Anna Franks house that are worth a visit.

The two most popular commercial squares are Leidseplein and Rembrandtsplein. Here you can relax and have a drink or two whilst watching street entertainers. These squares offer cafes, bars, and restaurants of all kinds. There are quite a few parks within the city center, the most famous being the Vondelpark, allowing you to relax and forget that you are in a major city.

On April 30 of each year the Dutch celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. Anybody can claim an area where they can sell their goods to passers-by. It is a great spectacle, and everybody seems to be wearing orange, some bars even color their beer orange. Due to the vast number of people that are in the city on that day, a lot of the public transport does not run.

Out of all the leading European cities, Amsterdam Netherlands is often thought of as being the most pleasant to visit. It is so relaxed, and everybody is so friendly, though this is not surprising as that is the nature of the whole country. The novelty of seeing how the new and the old can be in such harmony makes it a place that you must see.