Stunning Landmarks Of Liverpool

7th April 2012

Entering Liverpool Cathedral, one really gets a sense of the history of this fine building. Every year it proves to be one of the top attractions in the city. Not only this, but it is [Read More..]

Five Unusual Hotels in Liverpool

8th March 2012

Posh Pads at The Casartelli has something for everyone; whether you want an apartment just for one night, for a week or maybe even as long as a month, they have something for you. Not [Read More..]

Information About Britain

31st December 2017

Great Britain Facts Population: 60m Language: English is the principal language with Welsh and Scots Gaelic spoken in small regional areas. Capital: London Weather: Temperate Oceanic Climate. Western regions are generally wetter than the east [Read More..]

Information About Liverpool

2nd January 2010

2008 European Capital of Culture, Liverpool is one of the most popular UK tourist destinations. A wide variety of architectural styles and famous buildings, including what is often said to be the most impressive waterfront [Read More..]

Information About Glasgow

31st December 2009

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city, and as such has a little of everything to offer. Cultural attractions include numerous museums and galleries, as well as theatres and concert venues, particularly in the ‘Merchant City’, Glasgow’s [Read More..]