Stunning Landmarks Of Liverpool

7th April 2012

Entering Liverpool Cathedral, one really gets a sense of the history of this fine building. Every year it proves to be one of the top attractions in the city. Not only this, but it is [Read More..]

Five Unusual Hotels in Liverpool

8th March 2012

Posh Pads at The Casartelli has something for everyone; whether you want an apartment just for one night, for a week or maybe even as long as a month, they have something for you. Not [Read More..]

Five Of London’s Iconic Attractions

26th February 2012

London has so many tourist attractions that it is difficult to select five that will define the city. These may not be the top 5 London tourist attractions in terms of visitor numbers but they [Read More..]

Information About Britain

31st December 2017

Great Britain Facts Population: 60m Language: English is the principal language with Welsh and Scots Gaelic spoken in small regional areas. Capital: London Weather: Temperate Oceanic Climate. Western regions are generally wetter than the east [Read More..]

Information About Liverpool

2nd January 2010

2008 European Capital of Culture, Liverpool is one of the most popular UK tourist destinations. A wide variety of architectural styles and famous buildings, including what is often said to be the most impressive waterfront [Read More..]

Information About Glasgow

31st December 2009

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city, and as such has a little of everything to offer. Cultural attractions include numerous museums and galleries, as well as theatres and concert venues, particularly in the ‘Merchant City’, Glasgow’s [Read More..]