Food And Drink Of Croatia

12th June 2012

Croatian continental dishes generally have early proto-Slavic origins. In more recent times, as Croatia has developed closer ties  with countries which have very specific style of cooking, such as Hungary, Austria and Turkey, dishes using [Read More..]

Culture, History And Food In Croatia

30th March 2012

Kvarner is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Croatia, as this is where you will find the awe-inspiring Absytrus Islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj. Absytrus was the brother of Medea. The islands [Read More..]

Great Restaurants In Barcelona

19th March 2012

There are hundreds of good restaurants in Barcelona and visitors can always find a great place to eat no matter what their taste. These are five special restaurants which we have selected which are worth [Read More..]