Alicante Spain Offers Both Culture And Night Life

Alicante Spain offers both a cultural experience and a fun loving night life. The discos will keep you dancing all night and the festivals last for days at a time. The costa blanca, or white sandy beaches, are beautiful to behold.

You must take a walk along the Explanada de Espana which is a promenade made of marble tiles each cut to specifics. Palm trees line the walkway with shops and cafes. The locals gather here to walk down the promenade and enjoy mild sea breezes and outdoor concerts. It is one of the most beautiful promenades in all of Spain.

The Mediterranean climate is mainly comfortable and mild with an average temperature range in the 60s and 70s degrees Fahrenheit. September and October are considered the rainy months, while the remainder of the year has few rain storms. This leaves many of sunny days for beach goers. The hottest day recorded was 107 degrees Fahrenheit and the most frigid day recorded was 27 degrees Fahrenheit. In the peak of the summer in August, the average temperature recorded was 87 degrees Fahrenheit. All around the climate is usually comfortable and nice.

There is a castle worth seeing on top of Mount Benacantil. The view of the water and surrounding beaches from up here is gorgeous. While visiting the castle, you can see the high tower and secret hidden passageways that were once used. The great barrier wall surrounding the castle was once used for protection. Also worth taking time to see are the beautiful churches and cathedrals which are works of historical art in their own right. There is much Spanish history to be taken in throughout Alicante.

You must take some time to see the awesome museums that are in Alicante. The Archaeological Museum has some of the best artifacts in all of Europe. There are three fundamental parts of study that they showcase. They are urban, underground and underwater archaeology. Sculptures and Fine Art from the 16th century can be seen at the Fine Art Museum. The contemporary Museum has more modern works of art dating in the 20th century.

The summer solstice brings on a week long festival in the last part of June. Every day there is a parade with grandiose sculptures and a lovely Queen with her ladies in waiting. At night the locals light up bonfires on the beaches and sip hot cocoa while their children play around the bonfires. The evenings finish off with a big bang of firecracker shows.

The night life stays going all year round and caters to the college kids and tourists and fun loving people of the city. The public college known as the University of Alicante is located North of town. It is a well known university that offers the best in many different types of degrees. They also have Spanish classes for foreign students wanting to learn the native language.

There is plenty to see and do in Alicante Spain. During the day enjoy the rich cultural and historical sites and go out and party at night in the fun atmosphere of the city. The Costa Blanca will also refresh your soul while you are there.