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The capital city Paris France is considered by some as the most beautiful city in the world and some call this capital city the most romantic place in the universe. Many people consider this city capital, the city of lights, the fashion center of the world because the most famous fashion designers get their inspiration when working in this metropolis. One can have a lot of fun here, shopping, dining, or simply lounging in one of the many sidewalk cafes.

Paris – City of Light?

Why is it called City of Lights? There is a debate as to whether it is The City of Light or The City of Lights. Because Paris was the birthplace of the Age of Enlightenment it became known as The City of Light. But some say tha because it was one of the first adopters of street lighting and because of the tens of thousands of bulbs used to illuminate its many landmarks, it is properly called The City of Lights.

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Fashion & Food in The City of Lights

Many smart visitors bring an empty valise with them and fill the suit case with fashions created by world renown designers. Some people charter their own jet simply to buy the latest fashions because the Parisian fashion stores cater only to the top designs and the latest fashion trends. Some visit the city of lights to savor the best meals served with flair and panache.

The French gourmet cooks are world famous for their scrumptious delicacies and gourmet meals. Some would say that meals take on an art form in Paris while others argue that food is the real religion in this city capital.

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A City for Cheese Connoisseurs

Cheese connoisseurs will have a dream like experience in this city. Some of the best tasting cheese is produced in this country which has been producing great tasting cheese for centuries. The bread is world famous, there is no doubt. But, one has not truly enjoyed real French loaf bread until one has tasted a warm baguette while strolling down the road to the Eiffel Tower.

These gourmet chefs cook everything with a flair. For example, a simple egg omelette is turned into a delicacy by a French cook because of his commitment to detail. He beats the egg yolk and egg white separately before cooking and adds just the perfect amount of milk and cream to create a fluffy gourmet egg omelette. They use cream sauce recipes that go back many centuries.

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The Arc De Triomphe and The Eiffel Tower

The Arch of Triumph dates back decades and is a symbol of this country’s pride and freedom. All visitors to this capital city should visit the Arc De Triomphe and revel in its majestic architecture.

One must make certain to visit the Eiffel Tower when touring the French capital. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmark in Paris and one of the most famous in the world. Along with the Eiffel Tower one must make sure to visit the many famous art museums that are home to world famous masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa (in The Louvre) and other works that have graced the art world for centuries.

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The Loveliest City in The World?

Many consider Paris France the loveliest capital city in the entire world. The French capital is certainly a place of romance, charm, fashion, and gourmet food, a city that should be on every traveler’s list of places to visit.